What I do

I don’t claim to be a so-called “social media expert”… though pretty much everyone and their cousin is calling themselves that right now. I can say that I’m an expert in creative, low cost marketing tactics – and social media definitely plays a part in that.

Yes, social media has totally changed the way we market our businesses and opened up crazy opportunities for reaching customers. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are awesome tools and you’d have to be out of your mind not to use them to promote your business. But they’re only part of the picture.

My philosophy? The best marketing campaigns are a mix of new technology and old school guerrilla marketing tactics. Your business lives in the real world….not just the virtual one.

Social networking is simply old fashioned “real life” networking…on steroids. You can reach more people, cheaply, and faster than ever before. But it also means if you aren’t providing a great product and outstanding service, word will spread…faster than ever before.

I specialize in helping retail shops, restaurants, concerts and festivals in Central New York promote their businesses and connect with more customers.

As an owner of my own small business for 15 years, I know how hard it is to wear all the hats – I feel your pain. And I also know that you don’t have a huge budget available for marketing and promotion.

I will help you build a tribe. Increase foot traffic. Create buzz. Build a loyal community of customers of who can’t stop talking about your business.

Isn’t that what you crave?


Social Media – set-up and coaching

Promotions and on-site events

Social media contests and promotions

WordPress set-up, maintenance & coaching

Email Marketing

Collateral Marketing materials